I absolutely LOVE a good dish scrubby, and a few years ago I wrote the perfect pattern (but I never actually wrote it down!!)

These work great for every dish, from coffee mugs to cookie sheets. They are durable, and last forever.

**I clean these simply by putting them on the top rack in the dishwasher when I’m putting a load through. I just air dry them. They come out like new!

To make these, you need:

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**note. At the end of every row, join to the first DC in the current row with a slip stitch, and chain 2.

Row 1: 10 DC in magic ring, pull tight. (10) – make sure to leave a long end. DO NOT HIDE or weave in.

Row 2: DC Increase in each stitch around. (20)

Row 3: *DC Increase, Dc,* repeat.

Row 4: DC in each stitch around.

Row 5: DC Decrease around.

Row 6: DC Decrease around. Fasten off.

Use the yarn end that you left from the beginning magic ring, and tie a knot with your end piece. Use your yarn needle, and hide the ends inside the scrubby. Cut.

I hope you enjoy this pattern!